How to Make the Switch.

National Coverage, Local Expertise.

If you would like to move to us, we will draw up a schedule of the services that you would like us to cover for you. It is always best if initially we can have on on-site meeting with you to see first hand the development in order to gain a greater understanding of the issues that you may have.

It will help this meeting if you can get hold of a copy of a standard lease for the block and of the annual statement of accounts for service charges. Any good agent will want to look at these.

Please let us know of any problems that you think will need to be tackled, current debtors, your relations with your current agent and the state of finances of the development. Any good agent will want to ask you relevant questions to establish what might be being taken on.

Changing agent may at first thought be a daunting process and may well raise concerns and worries about what may or may not happen, leaving both the directors and leaseholders in an unviable position.

However, as long as you follow our simple guidelines and recommendations, the transfer will be comparatively simple and straight forward.


  • Details of your lease
  • Details of concerns and problems that need to be tackled
  • Directors contact details including email addresses whenever possible.
  • Information on which director is going to be the first point of contact.
  • Details of contractors and members of staff if applicable.
  • Details and suggestion as to what you expect from your new managing agent, ie. reporting and meetings.
  • Consider who may or may not want to be involved with the running of the development.

Please be open about any issues causing concern, as it is only when we have a clear understanding of all the issues that we can give you the full benefit of our knowledge and expertise.

Please also let us know the services and contractors you wish to retain – changing agent doesn’t mean you have to change contractors or service providers.

If you do not hold or haven’t considered the above information, don’t worry, we will still in many cases be able to assist you.

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