Complaints Procedure

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly at the time that they arise.

However, if the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction and you wish to make a complaint, then please follow the complaints procedure stated below:

Stage One 
In the first instance please contact us to let us know of your complaint via any of contact methods below:

Post: Town & City Management Limited, 2nd Floor, North Point, Faverdale, Darlington, Co Durham, DL30PH
Telephone: 01325 389 689
Fax:  01325 389 789

Stage Two
If you are still not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with properly, you should write to the Directors, using the address above.

Stage Three
Should you fail to receive a reasonable answer to your complaint under Stages One and Two, you should contact Mr Peter Bigge, Managing Director of Town & City Management Ltd, in writing, using the address above.

It is our aim to respond to most complaints within fourteen working days of receipt of your letter. However, where complaints are complex or involve detailed research, it may take longer to deal with the matter. In such cases, we will acknowledge your complaint and give you a timescale for response, which will be no greater than 28 working days.


If you are a tenant renting accommodation, then you must first refer your complaint to your own Landlord.

If the matter involves another department of Town & City Management Ltd, then we may refer you to another person. We will tell you who, and give you a timescale for response.

Should you write direct to Peter Bigge without first having exhausted earlier steps in the Complaints Procedure, then your letter will be referred back to the appropriate person for action. 

In most cases, Town & City Management Ltd will respond to your complaint in writing, but under certain circumstances, we may arrange for a representative to visit you in person, by prior appointment with you.

Under our Code of Practice, you are entitled to ask for a face to face meeting with a senior manager within Town & City Management Ltd. If we think it reasonable to agree to this request, then the proprietor will fulfil this role.

There are also outside organisations that can help offer advice or deal with complaints. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help.

Building defects

Please note that defects which are the responsibility of the builder, and not Town & City Management Ltd as a management company or freeholder, cannot be resolved through this complaints procedure. Complaints should be addressed instead to the building company.

What if there is still a dispute?
If the complaint outcome is not satisfactory after the last stage of the in-house complaint procedure then he/she has the right to take this matter up with the Ombudsman scheme.

Ombudsman Scheme

It is a condition of ARMA membership that we offer access to an Ombudsman scheme if a dispute is not resolved within 8 weeks from your activation of our complaints procedure. Town & City Management Ltd is a member of The Property Ombudsman, and their contact details are as follows:

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street
Salisbury, Wilts
Complaint Enquiries: 01722 333306 If you are a consumer or agent with an enquiry regarding a complaint. 

(Lines are open Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm excluding bank holidays.)

Or visit

Property Management Darlington

Head Office

2nd Floor, North Point,
Faverdale North,
Darlington, Co Durham,

PHONE: 0333 700 6 700
FAX: 01325 389 789

Property Management Leeds

Leeds Office

1200 Century Way,
Thorpe Park Business Park,
Colton, Leeds,
LS15 8ZA

PHONE: 0333 700 6 700
FAX: 0113 251 5100

Property Management London

London Office

The Stanley Building,
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PHONE: 0333 700 6 700
FAX: 030 3751 0912

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Bournemouth Office

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