Giving a voice to UK leaseholders in Parliament

As a prominent voice in the UK property management industry, Town & City Management's Managing Director, Peter Bigge, is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) looking into Leasehold and Commonhold reform. 

The APPG meets monthly at the House of Commons in Westminster. Any member of parliament in the Commons or Lords may join an APPG unless they hold a formal office in the government. The group has also created the informal category of “friend” of the APPG to allow members of the government to follow the group as part of their work in constituency matters. 

The aims of the All Party Parliamentary Group are as follows:

  • To consider ways in which leasehold and commonhold legislation and regulation might be improved.
  • To examine those elements of current legislation and regulation which are seen as defective.
  • To look at ways to reduce the opportunities for exploitation and ways to alleviate the distress and hardship faced by some leaseholders, particularly the more vulnerable and elderly leaseholder.
  • To consider how the current cost imbalance at the leasehold property Tribunal might be addressed, how the Tribunal might be developed for use under revised commonhold legislation and how it might return to parliament’s original intention as a low cost forum for disputes and redress.
  • To consider and to make known objectionable and unacceptable behaviour in the sector.
  • To consider those matters in leasehold insurance and service charge funds which currently fall outside the regulatory framework of the FCA.
  • To consider the different issues faced in the private sector and in the social sectors
  • To liaise with and monitor the actions of the various government departments dealing with leasehold and commonhold issues along with the activities of publicly funded bodies working in this area.
  • To review commonhold legislation to explore how to better implement this form of tenure so it works as parliament intended.

The APPG issued their first interim report at the end of the last parliament which can be read HERE.

Peter Bigge says:

“It is hugely important that tenants and leaseholders are represented effectively in Parliament. We are also keen to ensure that the practices of landlords are regulated and governed appropriately too. By being a member of the APPG, Town & City aims to give a voice to the rights of our clients and tenants, and put forward fresh ideas from a property management perspective towards the betterment of the property sector.

If you would like to see any particular leasehold or commonhold themes addressed by Town & City at this group, please us know.

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