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Your Property Management services remain open

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on far more than the world’s health, taking away job security, business growth, and the value of stocks and shares for many.

One asset that we can support at this difficult time is the value of your property and, even with the TCML office now working from home, our mission remains to give our clients piece of mind that their property and interests will be cared for now and far into the future.

A key issue for everyone at this time is uncertainty, and that is why we want to make sure we’re transparent and provide as much information as possible on the services being delivered, and how your service charge is being spent.

True, our staff won’t be making as many site visits, but we are working relentlessly to ensure that everything else remains the same unless we deem it unsafe. For the very latest on our service provision at this time, please visit our status summary here.


Every one of our clients’ account managers is currently working from home but the relationships that have been established since day one shouldn’t be affected. We’re still holding quarterly meetings with clients, attending virtual RMC meetings and keeping everyone fully updated on developments.

Our clients already know that we don’t limit our working day to regular office hours and that policy still applies, even in a pandemic. We’re always at the end of the phone or available over email or video call to pick up any issues that you or your tenants are experiencing at your property.

We care about your property and we care about you. Everyone has been hit hard in their own way by the pandemic and we’re here to listen. Whichever video conferencing technology you’ve become an expert on overnight, we’ll use it and together we’ll work out how your property will still meet its full potential.


We know that a small leak or minor damage to something today could lead to a major problem (and bill) tomorrow, pandemic or not. That is why we want to know about every problem or issue to your property as soon as it is discovered. Provided it is safe for our maintenance team to visit, we will instruct them to fix the problem.

Grounds Maintenance

The maintenance of gardens and the provision of other aesthetic services are not deemed essential so they are on hold until further notice. We will ensure they are reinstated so that your property’s appearance is returned to normal as soon as it is safe to do so.

Provision of our other services

Our account managers and other office-based staff are fully-operational working from home and therefore all other services such as collecting monies, securing appropriate insurance cover, sourcing reputable contractors for future works, and providing advice on other developments will be delivered in line with client expectations.

Looking to switch to TCML?

We can make that possible. We would usually insist on a face-to-face introductory meeting so we can get a full brief from you on what you’re looking for from your managing agent. Covid-19 may be preventing us from meeting in the same room but we can still facilitate a virtual coffee or a video call via Zoom at a date and time that suits you.

For more details, such as our free Welcome pack or real life testimonials from other buildings that we manage in your area, please get in touch here.

This pandemic won’t last forever and by behaving sensibly and planning for the future, your interests and your property will remain in a good place.